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Enjoy Elite Privileges and Personalized Touches at Every Turn with NENEX TRADE


Travel anywhere in the world with the highest echelon of luxury, privilege, and discretion from NENEX TRADE. From executives, official delegations, state representatives, world class journalists and Influencers, we’ve transported many of the world’s most discerning clientele throughout the globe. Allow NENEX TRADE to cater to your every desire.

Rely upon us to execute your travel plans from start to finish with stunning efficiency. We utilize the industry’s most advanced technology and elite partnerships to deliver you the most preferable options available worldwide. From private jets and penthouse suites to exclusive dinner reservations and other special courtesies, we’ll ensure that you’re treated to the absolute best that the world has to offer.

What we can do for you

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Airport pickup

Your journey doesn't end the moment the airplane lands. In a foreign country, it could be quite difficult getting from the airport to your accommodation. For this, we offer airport pickup service.

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Drop off services

Just like at the beginning of your travel, we offer to send someone to take you back to the airport. This way you will also be sure that you will be at the airport on time. Since public transport is not always reliable.

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Private chauffeurs

Want to avoid public transportation? We can offer you a private chauffeur. This might make traveling more comfortable and can save you a lot of time.

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Meet and greets

With meet and greets, you will find your colleagues easily. This comes in especially handy when you haven't met them before in real life. It will save you some time, confusion and potential awkwardness.